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How to Move Multiple Apps on Your iPhone’s Home Screen At the Same Time

If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’ve needed to move a bunch of apps from one spot to another, you’re going to wish you new this handy feature sooner. Instead of moving one app at a time you can actually move all of them at once! This feature has been around since iOS 11 was released back in 2017, but surprisingly many iPhone users don’t even know it exists.

To do this start by pressing and holding down one app until it begins to wiggle, then move it around slightly until the “x” button disappears. Now while still holding the app, use another finger to tap all the other apps you want to move with it, they will all gravitate to the app your holding. A blue badge will appear with the number of apps you’ve selected.

Once you’ve selected all the apps you want to move you can drag them all at once to the new location, and when you release your finger they will all spread out and automatically arrange themselves into a new position.

This is game changer for anyone who regularly reorganizes their apps and home screens, especially if you’ve grown tired of moving one app at a time!

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