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5 Helpful Websites to Improve Your Online Life

Nowadays there are many different websites available that can help people with different tasks, such as increasing productivity, learning new skills and finding resources. But with so many of these websites it can get overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are actually useful and worth your time. Chances are you may already be familiar with some of these websites, but here’s 5 of the best websites in various categories that you might find helpful for improving your online life.

Firefox Send

Firefox Send lets you share your files with a link that will automatically expire after a download limit or time limit has been reached. By default the link will expire after 1 download or after 1 day has past since it was created, but there are options to change these values to better fit your needs. You also have the option of protecting your download with a password which is a nice feature to have.

Firefox Send allows you share files up to 1GB in size per link without signing up, but if you do sign up you can increase this file size limit to 2.5GB. It’s simple, free and keeps your files secure with end to end encryption, which overall makes it a really reliable file sharing service.


The MyFonts website has a very useful tool called WhatTheFont that can help you identify the font (or some close matching fonts) that’s being used in a picture or screenshot. So if you see a font you like on a website somewhere you can simply take a screenshot of the font and upload it to WhatTheFont. It will then scan the image and hopefully tell you the name of the font or some similar fonts and where you can download them.

If you’ve never learnt how to type correctly then you absolutely need to check out This website will help you improve your typing skills along with many other things like computer basics and coding fundamentals. The interactive lessons, tests and games make the entire experience fun and engaging so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Best of all it’s completely free and set up for all ages.

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online marketplace featuring design assets made by their community. Here you can get new themes for your website, plugins, logo designs, photos, icons, patterns and a whole lot more. There are many other marketplaces just like this one but Creative Market is one of the best especially when it comes to quality and having a wide range of items to choose from.

One of the other great benefits of visiting Creative Market is their Free Goods of the Week. Every Monday they give away six items that you can download completely for free. It’s a good idea to bookmark this website so you can quickly go see the free items every week, just make sure to download them before they’re gone.

Internetting is hard

Internetting is hard is a great website if you’re looking to learn web development. If you have a website then learning to code is very beneficial as it will save you money from having to hire people to edit your website code. They have tutorials for learning HTML and CSS for complete beginners and it’s 100% free with no hidden paywalls. The tutorials are in plain spoken text and contain over 250 diagrams and code examples that present complicated HTML and CSS concepts in simple, visual ways, making it easy for anyone to follow along and learn.

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