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7 Incredibly Useful Chrome Browser Extensions 2019

If you use Google Chrome as your browser of choice or any other chromium based browser like Opera, Vivaldi or Microsoft Edge, here are 7 amazingly helpful Chrome extensions that will enhance your overall browsing experience.

Tab Resize

Screenshot of the Tab Resize extension page on the chrome web store.
Image: chrome web store / Peter Shin

First up is Tab Resize. This extension works great to personalize your chrome setup as it lets you arrange multiple tabs side-by-side to easily create split screen layouts. With multiple tabs open it will resize the tab that you’re currently on and those to the right into seperate windows based on the layout you have selected. Simply click on the tab resize icon in the top right of your browser and choose the layout that you want.

They have four default layouts to choose from including 2×2 (four windows in each corner of your screen), 2×1 (two windows positioned vertically), 1×2 (two windows positioned side by side) and 1×1 (the default layout with just a single window and multiple tabs).

If you want to create a custom layout not listed click on the tab resize icon and click the plus button, then you can enter the number of rows and columns you want for the layout. You can save the layout when you’re done so you’ll always have your custom layout listed and ready to go whenever you need it.

IMDB Ratings for Netflix

Screenshot of the IMDB Ratings for Netflix extension page on the chrome web store.
Image: chrome web store / Code Collective

If you’ve ever wasted time on a boring TV series or movie on Netflix the IMDB ratings for Netflix extension just might be what you’re looking for. Once you’ve installed the extension whenever you’re on the Netflix website you can hover your cursor over the thumbnail for a TV series or movie and you’ll see the IMDB rating in the upper right corner.

If you click on the rating it will open the IMDB page for that title where you can read additional information if needed. It’s a very simple extension but it will save you some time if you usually search for the ratings in Google every time you’re considering a title on Netflix.

Print Friendly & PDF

Screenshot of the Print Friendly & PDF extension page on the chrome web store.
Image: chrome web store / Print Friendly

Print Friendly & PDF is a useful extension that can save you on paper and ink by removing ads and other web junk that you don’t need whenever you print a web page. When you’re on a page that you want to print click the Print Friendly & PDF icon in the upper right corner of your browser and you’ll notice the ads, navigation and anything other than the actual content on the page will be removed.

You can remove images simply by clicking on them and you can remove any text by clicking on the trash icon next to any highlighted text that you don’t need. The extension gives you the options to print, save as a PDF, send as an email, and you can also reduce or increase the size of both text and images on the page.

Download Manager

Screenshot of the Download Manager extension page on the chrome web store.
Image: chrome web store / MadApps

Download Manager extension works great to quickly and easily interact with the Downloads on your system. Instead of having to open a seperate tab just to view your downloads you can simply access a history of your downloads in the upper right corner by selecting the Downloads Manager icon.

The list allows you to see the status of any active downloads and if you right-click on any item in the list it will give you some other convenient options such as a taking you to the download page, copying the download link, deleting the download from your disk and removing it from the list.

Dark Knight Mode

Screenshot of the Dark knight Mode extension page on the chrome web store.

Dark Knight Mode is an extension that basically applies a dark theme to almost any website you visit. Unlike some of the other similar extensions it does not simply invert the colors, so black on websites will not automatically change to white or vice versa. Instead it uses a unique algorithm to detect the color of each element on a website and intelligently convert it to a darker shade.

Selecting the Dark Knight Mode icon gives you multiple options. You can turn it on or off and it also gives you the option to use auto mode which will only turn on Dark Knight Mode from 8:00pm until 6:00am. The brightness of the theme can be adjusted with a slider to make it appear darker or lighter depending on your needs. You also have the option to whitelist specific websites if the dark mode is not needed, this is great for sites that already have a dark theme by default.

There’s also a donate button and a report button if you want to help out the developer, either by donating some money or reporting issues with the extension.

Hunter: Find email addresses in seconds

Screenshot of the Hunter extension page on the chrome web store.
Image: chrome web store /

Hunter is an extension that helps you find email addresses quickly for just about any company on the web. This can be very useful if you work in sales, marketing or any other profession that requires you to regularly contact companies via email. It’s very simple to use and can save you a lot of time searching for the emails yourself.

Just go to any company’s website and select the hunter icon in the upper right corner of your browser. Now you’ll see a list of the names of the contacts along with their job titles and associated emails. You can save any contact by clicking on the plus icon. The hunter extension is free for up to 50 requests, after that they offer plans starting at $49 per month.

I don’t care about cookies

Screenshot of the I don't care about cookies extension page on the chrome web store.
Image: chrome web store / Daniel Kladnik

The last extension on the list is I don’t care about cookies. This extension simply removes those annoying cookie pop-up warnings (which are required as part of the European Union Data regulations) that you see whenever you visit a new website. Once you install this extension it will block the cookie pop-ups so you never have to deal with them.

These pop-ups can become very irritating especially if your someone who browses the web anonymously or if you delete cookies automatically every time you close the browser.

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